botanics face soothing cleansing balm

i caved and bought the botanics cleanser.. i know, i know i only just reviewed my no7 one, but i do have my reasons. firstly, i'm staying at my dad's this week and i forgot my muslin cloth, meaning my face is not getting cleaned (i know, gross). secondly, as i said in my review i've gone back to just using make up wipes to clean my face, which really isn't doing it any favours. so i thought i'd give this one a go, and see if it helps my blemishes atall.

what first hit me was the smell. the best way i could describe it would be organic (duh), musky, and similar to elizabeth arden 8 hour cream. secondly i noticed the texture of the product, it really is a balm, and a little goes a long way with this. since it's 92% organic i'm not sure if it has a use by date like lush products, but i hope it doesn't because this little tub is going to last me a long time!

now i have oily combination skin, so i was quite concerned that the balm texture would make my skin even oilier, but (touch wood) so far i've been blessed and if anything, after i washed it off and dried my face it actually felt quite tight and dry, yet very soft. i did still need to moisturise after using it, but i think if you weren't such a moisturiser freak like me you could get away with just leaving it. 

as for the muslin cloth, i wasn't impressed. unlike my no7 one it wasnt exfoliating atall, it was very thick and didnt absorb water easily. i had to use soap to get the mascara out of it as water wouldn't do the job, and although i like to clean my cloths with antibacterial soap after uses to keep everything clean, it was quite annoying.

overall i'd give the product 5/10, it didn't work wonders but this was only my first use, so i'll keep you posted.


  1. I've used Botanics stuff before so was very interested to read this I might have to look it up as i'm always looking for ways to soften my skin :)

    Cute blog - following now



  2. thanks so much, you should deffinately check it out :) thank you for following!

  3. That's amazing that it's 92% natural, I might have to try it. Products that have an oil base doesn't actually make your skin more oily, it does the opposite, it can get deeper into your skin and clean more thoroughly. x hivenn

  4. ooh thats great to know thank you :) i know, it's great to know it's pretty much all organic x



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