superdrug essential tea tree oil

My skin's been playing up a lot lately and I've heard a lot of great things about tea tree oil, so I picked this up from superdrug for £2.99. I just dab some on a cotton bud and apply it to any scarring or breakouts, so far so good but I'll keep you posted!


acne pistol boots dupes

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after seeing the acne pistol boots on a few blogs i fell in love with them, however the £360 price tag definitely didn't appeal to me as much. so i did a bit of research and it turns out there are quite a few more affordable options out there for all you bargain hunters!

topshop ambush boots - these are the most popular of the 'dupes', having also done the blogging and youtube rounds recently. at £75 they're still a little pricey, but from what i've heard they're very comfortable and of course they'll go with anything and everything, so worth the investment.

acne pistol boots - the original boots, 360 pounds, low chunky stacked heel, round toe and stitched panelling. acne really know how to talk persuasively! it's a lot of money though..

new look zip ankle boot - the cheapest option at just £19.99 but judging by my experience with new look boots i don't think they'd last for long. but perfect if you want a cheap pair of boots for the winter to keep your feet warm and still look on trend!

bronx zip heeled ankle boot (available at asos) - the most expensive of the 'dupes' at $218.16 on the american asos site, but they're in the sale currently for $141.80 which is a tiny bit more reasonable. i'm not sure if these are available in the uk but i've never heard of bronx before.

so those are the three dupes, which are your favorites? have you bought your winter boots yet?


it's been a while since we talked last

jumper - topshop
shorts - primark
boots - primark
necklace - charity shop

been a bit mia lately thanks to my first proper gcse exams coming up in january, sorry about that! i've just sorted out my revision timetable for over christmas but i'll make sure to schedule in some blogging time~ aswell. bit of a hit and miss outfit as even i'm not too sure on the fringed shorts but hey ho. couldn't be bothered to upload via photobucket either so sorry if the quality is a bit crap! p.s i know it's 10 days until christmas but honestly i wear shorts all year round. paired with tights though obvs!


no longer a monki virgin

so my mum won a work trip to go to copenhagen last weekend, and since it's all i ever ramble on about she was very lovely and took a trip to monki for me! you may have read my monki wishlist post, but i've never actually visited a store yet. however i wasn't surprised to hear that there were mushrooms and strange creatures everywhere, and the clothes were, well, different. i've been eyeing their stock up a lot online and i really like some of there stuff, tempted to make a sneaky pre christmas order! as for the top, it's only a simple t-shirt but i absolutely love the design on it. obviously it wont be to everyone's taste as it is a little bit 'out there' but personally i adore it and plan to wear it to clothes show live next wednesday, which by the way i am so so exited about!

p.s sorry i've been a bit MIA lately, i've got no ideas what to post about so if you have any suggestions or requests do comment below! i'm thinking of doing a follow up on my la roche posay post from yonks ago, yay or nay?


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