no longer a monki virgin

so my mum won a work trip to go to copenhagen last weekend, and since it's all i ever ramble on about she was very lovely and took a trip to monki for me! you may have read my monki wishlist post, but i've never actually visited a store yet. however i wasn't surprised to hear that there were mushrooms and strange creatures everywhere, and the clothes were, well, different. i've been eyeing their stock up a lot online and i really like some of there stuff, tempted to make a sneaky pre christmas order! as for the top, it's only a simple t-shirt but i absolutely love the design on it. obviously it wont be to everyone's taste as it is a little bit 'out there' but personally i adore it and plan to wear it to clothes show live next wednesday, which by the way i am so so exited about!

p.s sorry i've been a bit MIA lately, i've got no ideas what to post about so if you have any suggestions or requests do comment below! i'm thinking of doing a follow up on my la roche posay post from yonks ago, yay or nay?


  1. Such a cute top! I'm still yet to lose my Monki virginity :(
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

  2. Such a cute t-shirt :) I've not heard of monki before!
    Thank you SO much for my secret santa gift :) I was unable to contain my excited and I already opened it, love the polishes so much thank you!
    I will be doing a post soon on some other freebies/gifts and I will be sure to link you!

    Love your blog xxxx


  3. @CelesteChon thank you! aww haha!
    @Vicki you're welcome! glad you like them :) awh thank you!


  4. Gorgeous top, I'm dying to visit Monki!




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