even angels have their wicked schemes

yeah i'm stood on my bed.. i'm a weird one i know. i'm experimenting with different photo backgrounds so i tried standing on my bed, we'll see if it stays! thoughts? this is what i wore on sunday, i spent pretty much all day in lounge wear but i went for a few drinks with my family late afternoon so i just threw something on, not literally lulz.

these photos are so strange hah, in the first one i look really unhappy and in the second i look like a wannabe gangsta, not a good look for me clearly. also you cant actually see the outfit that cleary, but oh well! also, who can spot the mistake? ohh okay then i'll tell you. top photos = blue converse. bottom photo = black converse. i wore the black ones. :)

i hope everyone's having a good week so far, mine's been awful! school work, family arguments, friends falling out. ugh thank goodness its half term next week! sorry to finish on a negative note though, this might cheer you up.


  1. Um, your wallpaper is amazing!

  2. oh i just love your converse!!!! and the wallpaper really is lovely :)

  3. I think loungewear outfits are one of my favourites - it's amazing to see what people come up with when faced with a lazy day! Your bedroom wall has really lovely wallpaper on it. Great outfit!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net



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