today i dont feel like doing anything

 top - zara
skirt - miss selfridge
cardi - new look sale

if you follow me on lookbook you'll know this is a pretty old outfit, i actually wore it to camden about a month back, i just hadn't got around to showing you yet. it was a really really hot day so i wanted something summery but that will still keep me warm in the evening. 

if you haven't seen my giveaway yet then the link is here. it went up last night so go and enter!

i had exams last week for maths, they weren't overly important but they determine what sets i'm in for my GCSE's so i wanted to do well, i think i did alright, i hope so! oh and i still haven't re-arranged my interview with the salon, the woman was ill before so we had to cancel and bless her she's still off work hah. but they said they're gonna give me a call back this week so i'm assuming i'll go in and see them on saturday, i'm hoping i'll get it because i'm so skint it's scary. i now have no money until 1st june..

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