you've got alot to say for the one that walked away

i look so stupid in this photo! it was taken at like midnight though and i'd been walking around london all day so sorreh but i cant be bothered to take a better one. i wore this quite a while ago so i suppose i'm cheating a bit, but i wore it anywho and that's all that matters! 

the blouse is from zara basics and was in the sale for a fiver, bargainous! the shorts are my holy hotpants (i literally can not live without these shorts.), tights are cheapies from primark and i'm wearing my miss selfridge sandals from the end of summer sale last year.

sorry i've been such a crap blogger lately, i honestly have no excuse except i'm lazy. i've been trying to 'promote' my blog a bit more, and bring a bit more attention to it. so if you want to be amazing and want me to love you forever and  ever you could tweet my blog for me? and tag me @emilycfashion so i can see? :) hah anyone who actually does that is a legend.

i'm off to sleep now as i have a busy week ahead of me, hope everyone's well and i have a few posts planned for the next week or so. so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. You look really cute in these pictures, not stupid and all my outfit photos are posted waaaaay after the day I actually wear them so don't worry about that :) xxx

    p.s Joined your followers x



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