we're living dreams of sweet maroon

this is one of 'those' outfits that really doesn't photograph well. i wanted to show you regardless though since i really like the blouse. its yet another primark perchase, only eight pounds i think, maybe six. still a bargain though! i wore tights when i went out yesterday since it's not that warm here in oxfordshire, despite it being july. i went to the cinema after school to see bridesmaids with an old friend, it was pretty good, worth a watch but maybe not for what the cinemas are charging now! and theres me sounding old..

before you click off i just want to send you over to this page, i've been subscribed to this lovely girl for a couple of years now and absolutely adore her music. i've bought both of her ep's and listen to them everyday, it might not be for everyone but hopefully a few of you will enjoy it. she deserves so much more recognition than she gets!


  1. love the outfit and love the hoodie with it most of all :) x

  2. this combination is too lovely. I loveee the colour of your top and your shorts.. I like!



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