monday musings 03, on a tuesday..

if you follow me on twitter you'll know i really wasnt feeling great last night, hence why this is going up today instead. sorry its late!

♥ my very dear friend gemma is on holiday in america at the moment in new england/florida, im sure you all know about the havock that hurricane irene is causing and i was so, so worried about her. luckily though she's managed to send me a few emails keeping me up to date and letting me know where she is and that she's safe, im so grateful, and i really, really sympathise for those who lost family or friends in the 'tropical storm'. i found this picture of us on my laptop and thought i'd share it with you, baby jack is a family friend's son, he's 15 months now and has grown so fast!
beware of a little spoiler! dont read this bit if you havent seen the inbetweeners movie yet and intend to.. i went and saw the inbetweeners movie again yesterday, with my mum. despite it being a bit awkward we still had a laugh and it is a good film, however, falling in love in malia? it's unlikely to say the least.
♥ i'm back to school next week and although i know i'll regret saying this in a week or two but i'm sort of.. looking forward to it. obviously my GCSE's will be a bummer but i cant wait to catch up with all of my friends and finally be treated like a year 10, its crazy to think how quickly this year has gone. i'm also really looking forward to art and textiles, who knows i might even post about some of my work if it's any good!
that's it for this week, what are your thoughts this tuesday?


  1. Just followed :D I'm the same with school - i'm looking forward to the first day to catch up with friends but by day 2 i'll want summer back again!


  2. @lilley thank you! haha :)

    @Gabrielle thank you:)


  3. awh hunn you don't need to worry at all about me! love you <3

  4. I cant wait to take my bf to see the inbetweeners he loves the tv show.

  5. It's the same for me with school - I'm kind of looking forward, but in the middle of schoolwork I just hate it.



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