monday musings 04

i'd like to take a second to mention the victims of the 9/11 attacks, i know a lot of bloggers have shown their respects already but i didnt post yesterday and i wanted to be sure to include it. i think it's good how publiciced it is, it's a day that we all need to remember, so that nothing like it happens again. my hearts go out to all of the families and friends of lost victims.
my brother's off to uni next week, i'm going to be quite sad when he goes but i know he's going to have so much fun, and i get to skip a day of school to help him sort his flat out, so it's all good. he's studying journalism, media and cultural studies. i won't say what university he's going to because it's the tinternent and all that, but i know he's gonna have a laugh and hopefully come out the other side with a degree. knowing my brother, however, this is questionable. god save him on freshers week.
i might be going to new york next year which is very, very exiting! nothings confirmed as of yet but my mum's on the hunt for a good deal and if all goes to plan i'll be going may-time next year. if anyone's been i'd love to know the best places to go/see? i'm pretty sure the sex and the city tour is already top of the list.
♥  i'm going on holiday next month with gemma, if you dont already follow her blog please go and check it out! it's a great read. we're only going to cornwall for a week but it will be lovely to get away from all the 'hustle and bustle' (haha) and relax for a bit, plus i'm taking her crabbing which will be hilarious.
 that's it for this week, what are your thoughts this monday?


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