monday musings 05

♥ my brother left for uni last wednesday so that house has been pretty quiet and boring, i'm missing him of course but i'm going up to have sunday lunch with him in two weeks so that's something to look forward to. the photo's just us messing around on his new macbook a few weeks ago:)
♥ i went out for a meal on saturday for two of my mum's friends stag/hen do, we went to browns and the food was okay, had a lovely evening though.
♥ i'm thinking of giving up on the 'monday musings' posts as i often forget or dont have time to write them, and honestly my life is so boring that i have nothing to say! i feel like it's a waste of a post, and you'd all enjoy a review, outfit post or nail tutorial a lot more. so i think that's it for monday musings, it was short lived but i enjoyed it while it was here!
so what were your thoughts this monday? won't be hearing that for a while!



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