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the beauties of this week..

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Weekend wishlist number one! Well, technically it's my second but whilst sorting out my blog I wasn't happy with my first one and decided to give it another go. So here's a few items I've got my eager eyes on at the moment, thought I'd share them with you lovely people!

1. Oilatum, a pretty average product. I saw this featured in a lot of Pixiwoo's videos and really want to try it, as it has amazing reviews! It's priced at £7.65 which is more expensive than my current moisturiser but still not outrageous, overall it just looks like a great moistuiser.

2. Ahhh, the Mulberry Alexa. Who wouldn't love this bag? It's classy, sophisticated, and bang on trend - all the time. However, the price isn't quite as appealising as this beauiful bag. £900 for a bag? With no job, and no money, I think this will have to wait.

3. This top/jumper popped up when I was browsing on ASOS and I fell in 'love' with it (see what i did there?) It looks so comfy.. what do you guys think of it, hit or miss?

4. Nars sheer glow.. well what can I say? It speaks for itself really, an incredible foundation with excellent buildable coverage, makes you glow and it's very natural looking, what's not to like? I've wanted to try this foundation for a long time but I don't have a NARS counter anywhere near me (I think the nearest one is John Lewis on oxford st, London? Please correct me if I'm wrong!) and for the amount of pennies this would cost me I really wouldn't want to get my colour wrong.. Comment telling me if anyone has tried this foundation!

5. I LOVE this blouse. I know, I say that about everything.. but this one's different. Kind of. Okay, it's not, but it's so beautiful! It's from topshop and it's £28, quite a lot of money for a blouse but I really am so tempted.. again, hit or miss?

6. Another blouse.. I'm obsessed. This one's from Miss Selfridge, costing again £28. Is it just me or is Topshop and Miss Selfridge owned by the same people? Because the clothes/website/prices are so similar! Anyway back to the blouse, it's got a peter pan collar (so the website says, although I fail to see it really.. this isn't what I'd class as a peter pan collar.) and it's quite low cut so I'd definately wear a white vest top underneath. Again, I'm sooo tempted!

7. I love this belt so much, it's really simple and it's cheap! It's from Fashion Union and it's only £8.00, although it hasn't arrived yet, as it's part of the new season stuff? I'm really into belts lately as I've been wearing alot of dresses and baggy tops, is anyone else hooked on belts?

So that's it for this week.. Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I'm really just trying to get my blog into a 'position' that I like (If that makes sense to anyone, it does to me..) so any advice in any shape or form would be greatly appreciated! Also, for further support please make sure to follow. (I hate to sound like I'm begging, but it would really boost my confidence.) Make sure to comment below linking me to your blog, I love finding new ones!

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