your not gonna reach my telephone

ring ring, ring ring

So this is my new obsession.. rings. These are actually all from Topshop, but places like Forever 21 are also doing beautiful rings at the moment. Hmm, it seems I'm going through phases.. a few weeks ago I lived in jeans and hoodies, now I'm always in dresses and tights, and rings..

Anyway, my favourites are probably the frog and the birds around the coral stone. Although I love them all loads, shame I have no money really! Speaking of which, I currently have a fiver to my name, which is ever so slightly depressing when you think about it. Chin up though, a few more weeks 'till February and I'll have £40.. although I'm going to Poland with the school in April so I should probably start buying some essentials for then. Essentials meaning Topshop clothes, obviously. I'm sitting in a onesie right now, just so you know.. a leopard print one, as you do. Ahhh primark is a true beauty! £8 for a 100% polycester leopard suit? I thought it was quite a bargain! Enough of the rambling though, I'm probably boring you all to sleep.

That's enough for now then, very tempted to do another weekend wishlist though since I didn't post one last week.. plus I just want too much stuff! I hope your all well and happy and had a nice weekend, I didn't do much, went out on friday night and met up with my friend Gemma today, spent all of yesterday recoving from the night before. Anyways I really do need to shuddup so I'll leave it there..

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