sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead

i'm so bored with everything at the moment. i feel like my life is so bland, that it has no inspiration, no aspirations. i have no motivation and it's really getting me down. i've got so many excuses and distractions that nothing ever gets done, my room is an absolute state and i'm getting no work done so school is just down the drain. i feel like reading blogs, whether they be beauty, fashion or just life in general is supposed to inspire me, it's supposed to motivate me. and that's exactly what it did to start with, but now it's doing the opposite. if i need to do something, i'll find an excuse and i'll persuade myself not to do it. i'd much rather sit down in front of my laptop and read a few blog posts or update my facebook every five minutes than get off my arse and do it. i'm becoming increasingly lazy and i hate it, but i dont have a clue what to do about it. i know this is just a huuuuge ramble and none of you will have a clue what i'm on about but i needed to get this one off my chest. sometimes i just want to let it all out, regardless of who's listening and the consequences it might hold. i'll round this off now, i hate to moan and i dont want to make you lot read something that risks getting you down.


  1. I get exactly in the same state sometimes, with my blog sometimes I feel i'm recycling other blogs posts and with school work it was always a drag. What I find helps me with is to have a goal, now I'm at University and doing the degree I love I have an ambitious goal to covet the career I dream of. Maybe you could use that as inspiration for doing school work? Like think 'if i do this and do it well i'll be able to do greater things in life', it's tedious and long but school is so worth it and when (or if you want to) get to uni you realise the worth. As for the room - all girls are the same, mines a constant tip.

    Hope this helps.

    N. xox

  2. that helped so much, thank you! tomorrow is a new day, time for some change. :) thank you so much.

  3. you have me and thats all that matterz

  4. So many people edit their lives to the extreme and just show the 'perfect' parts oftheir lives on their blog which I think can be dangerous, especially when it knocks the self-esteem of others. Letting it out's always good- I hope you feel better soon :) xxx

  5. i never thought of it like that, i'm feeling alot better now thank you :) xxx



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