shake me down, not alot of people left around

6 apologies for not posting lately. i say 6 because i have a couple of new followers i keep forgetting to mention, thank you! since being back at school i've been so stressed, i've got deadlines to meet and episodes of glee to watch. ohh life is hard. another down-side to school is no outfit posts, unless you fancy seeing my lovely burgundy uniform, which i'm sure you dont!

if you still haven't noticed my blogshop is now running, i've got a few random items on there at the moment which i'm sure no one will be interested in but sometime this week (or next) i shall be ordering some bits and bobs for some jewellery, keep an eye out for that, i'll make a proper post on it another time.

there's not alot to tell you at the moment.. my phone was stolen a few weeks ago (it was a blackberry so i was pretty gutted, but the insurance have decided to be kind and replace it.) and today my laptop decided it wanted to break on me, oh joy! so now i have to use my mum's.. but it's better than not posting right?
what have you gorgeous ladies been up to recently? ooh has anyone seen glamour magazines new promotion thingy? it's their 10th anniversary so in celebration they're giving away free clinique stuff in there mags. i will forgive you if you stop reading now to run and buy it!

i'll round this ramble off here then, hope you all have a lovely friday tomorrow.

p.s no fancy 'emily' at the end of this post. obvs i cant access my pictures due to my lack of laptop. sorry!
emily x


  1. i love how you dont mention me in this.

  2. sorry.. my blog isn't about you. ;)



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