weekly wants #005

this post is going to be a little bit different to others.. seeing as i have no laptop until tuesday i can't access my photo's, and i can't create my regular weekly wants 'photo' if that's what you want to call it. i didnt want anyone to miss out though so i'm just going to list the products individually, it wont look as good but hopefully next week everything will be back to normal.

i've got litterally like, no money at the moment so i'm trying  (and failing) to be minamalistic and spend as little money as possible. this really sweet open knit sweater is actually from fashion union and is only £12. would look adorable over a vest top with skinnies and my new moccasins.


again from fashion union, and again a bargain at only £12. people may be exited over the new s/s collections but here in oxford it still feels like -1c. i need something to keep my toasty!


i've wanted a pauls boutique bag for forever and although the big bold designs are lovely (i've always secretely wanted a zebra print tilly twister) i think if i'm going to spend £66 on a bag, it's got to be something i'll wear. this twister would be ideal for school, and i'm a sucker for their lining!


another paul's boutique bag haha. this one is bigger but cheaper.. (?!) at £40 this one is insanely huge (W47cm and H30cm) so i wouldn't use this one for school, however i can seriously see myself using this for those weekend trips or my upcoming school trip to poland. holds. everything.


quite random but still worth a mention, these strips will hopefully get rid of my blackheads in a flash! will deffs have to get my pore's (geddit?!) on this..


i only bought my first foundation (revlon colourstay) the other day, before that i was using a tinted moisturiser. i was really impressed with it and now i want to try every single one on the market! this one is fairly new but is apparently very good. have any of you tried it? is it worth a perchase?

my last want for this week is the urban decay naked palette. i searched for it on the boots website and couldn't find it, i couldn't find it on the house of fraser website either. i seriously hope they haven't dicontinued it or something?

thanks for reading, be sure to follow. what are your wants this week?

emily x

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