weekly wants #004


001. these colours compliment eachother so well, they're gorgeous. especially with spring fastly approaching i can't wait to get my hands (and nails) on them.

002. i recently perchased the new limited edition no7 gel liner and i absolutely love it, however the brush it comes with is pretty small so it's not easy to use. pixi2woo reccommends this jemma kidd brush so it must be good, right?

003. i love this top, it's almost identical to a topshop one i wanted but everyone has that now and this one is a cheaper, more original alternative. i really like the contrast between the colar and the top. (can't find a link, sorry)

004. a really want a nice simple leather belt. i'm sick of all my cheapy primark one's and this topshop one is perfect.

005. i reeeeally love these shorts! they're quite similar to paperbag shorts but not quite, and they're not too expensive. bonus!

i must get back to homework now. well, i say 'get back' but i haven't actually started.. ohh dear.
what are your wants this week?



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