i've never been this close to home

i was reading lydia's blog post the other day about how similar new look and topshop clothes are at the moment, and it really made me think how much money i could be saving. if you read my post the other day you'll know i own one of the topshop scalloped vest top's but i was concerned that it wasn't worth what i payed for it, well i was browsing the new look website just now and look what i came across...

yes it does have it's differences (it's obviously tied, and it's a different colour) but come on! it's a pretty good match wouldn't you say? i can tell you now that i'll be returning that topshop vest on thursday during my trip to bournmouth, and i will hopefully pick up one of these (:

is everyone having a good week so far?


  1. Liking the blog, keep up the good work! Definitely a new follower

    N. xox

  2. god em, your good at this!
    as a follower i get alot of inspiration from you, always a good update with good style :)

  3. I agree so much money could be saved in New Look! Even though my wages can't afford everything I want from there either, its a hard life;).
    Love your blog, keep it up!

  4. woahh - it is almost identical to the topshop one! all the clothes are probably made in the same factory using the same materials but at the end have a different label stuck on the back.

  5. Danielle, agreed! I still cant afford everything hah, although I can afford alot more than it topshop :) thank you! Jane, I know! It's so similar.. yes probably, it's all about the label though! Thanks for reading xx



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