weekly wants #003


1. i'm not ashamed to say it, i love this blouse. fair enough, it looks like something my grandad has lying at the back of his wardrobe, that even he wouldn't wear, but that just adds to why i adore it. mind you at this price i'm sure i could just cut up one of my grandad's shirts and have exactly the same effect.

2. bicycle socks.. need i say anything more?

3. this playsuit is gorgeous, it looks so nicely cut and i think it would be really flattering. need to start saving those pennies though!

4. has anyone notice a reccurring theme? everything's topshop! apart from the camera obvs, but that's a camera.. i love, love, love, topshop right now! all of their new stock is amazing, including this belt. another reccurring theme though, it's extremely overpriced. £16 for a belt? hahaha!

5. words can't tell you how much i'm lusting over this camera. HD video capture, Superior 12-megapixel image quality, Wide-area 9-point AF system.. no, i dont know what any of that means but still.. ahhhhhh.

what are your wants this week?

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