some times i think i'm from outer space

argh! my blog is annoying me unbelievably much lately, all the different measurements and layouts and banners, god it just confuses me! i really feel like giving up, but i know i wont because i enjoy it so much. i just need to get the hang of it, may need some assisstance from the technical whiz step-dad. 

i haven't been posting much atall lately, i've been so busy lazy i just haven't really been bothered. plus, i still haven't got a good set up for outfit photos and i need a knew camera. and to top all of that off i'm going through one of my tragic 'i hate all of my clothes' phases. and i mean all of them.

i'm currently gathering some stuff for this weeks wants, another late one, but beter late than never (huuuuge apologies for last weeks!). i can't tell you how much stuff i want lately, when i read emma and lydia's blogs and they only have like 4 items on their wishlists i go green with envy. how can you not want everything? this year's s/s collections are just gorgeous! oh how i wish i had some money.

that's it for now, i need to go and lust over some stuff for my wants. i thought i'd leave you with this photo, me getting a bit creative. or just crazy.

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