dont be afraid, it's only love

please excuse the label on my scarf, i didn't notice it was showing!

 so this is what i wore today.. i just went to the cinema and got some lunch with the boyf, what with valentines day blooming and all! bless him, he wouldn't let me pay for anything.. 
if anyone's wondering we went to see just go with it, it was very funny and cute, and worth checking out.

so onto what i wore! i bought this little scalloped vest top yesterday for a whopping £15 from topshop, extremely overpriced i must say concidering it's as thin as a sheet. i'm considering being very cheeky and returning it, i still have the tags and the receipt, what do you think? am i a terrible dishonest person?

under the top i just wore a simple primark white vest top, and i paired it with a classic black bodycon skirt from miss selfridge. are these tights not the cutest? i love the little embroidered hearts! only £3 from primarny, woop.

this cardigan was another purchase from yesterday, i needed a big chunky cardi and saw this in primark for £8, i already have a bright blue cardigan but it was a bargain so i couldn't refuse. i also have my eye on a cable knit cardigan from primark so as soon as money starts rolling in i'll be after that.

lastly i just wore my fave boots from matalan and a little bit a swagger ;)

did anyone do anything nice this weekend?


  1. I have this top in a rusty colour, love this one too ;-)

  2. I love this outfit and boots are greeeat !



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