it's alright if you wanna come back to me

 top - dorothy perkins
cardigan - primark 
bodycon skirt - miss selfridge
grey cardigan - soul cal at republic
 tights - primark
short heart necklace - accesorize
long panda necklace - hannah makes things
reindeer bracelet - christmas reindeer chocolate
plait and bead bracelet - tammy at bhs
spiked ring - avril lavigne black star perfume

so this is what i wore to travel to bournmouth, which was two weeks ago. i know i'm crap, sorry. i wanted to be comfortable seeing as i'd be in the car for two hours and shopping for the rest of the day. i had a really good time actually, although it sounds superficial the shopping is really great there, they've got every shop you could possibly want need.

also the hotel was lovely, apart from the pool being filled with six year olds (it was half term) and the sauna being filled with 40 something year olds acting like six year olds - you can't win. also there was a huuuuge drama over dinner and breakfast, basically they were understaffed and the hotel management took too many bookings, we were supposed to eat at 8.30(pm) and didnt finish until 11.30, we only started at 10. breakfast was pretty much the same aswell, i ordered a cup of tea which finally got to me 30 minutes later, minus milk and sugar. that took a further 30 mins. to say the least, my tea was cold when i got round to drinking it. 

i hate to rant though, the hotel itself was beautiful and i wish our stay could've been longer, the grounds were amazing. i did of course by a few items of clothing, shoes etc which will most likely be making their debut in the upcoming weeks. im off skating tomorrow (and making pancakes, obvs) which should be gooood, and it's battle of the bands at our school on wednesday night which i'm uber (yes, i did just say uber) exited about too! 

i'll leave it there for now though, catch you later..

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