weekly wants #006


001. okay so they're pretty expensive.. but a girl can dream, right? i only own one pair of wedges and i'm completely obssessed with them at the moment, so i think i deserve to treat myself. not to these one's though, £125 might be pushing it.

002. i don't actually have that many rings, so i think that justifys me buying this one. semi-precious? check. sale? check. beautiful? check. waaaant.

003. ohh i want this dress so badly! would look great with the shoes aswell, why don't i have any money? euurgh. one day i will own this.

004. these jeans are purely amazing. very marina and the diamonds esque, ahah. sure they're expensive, but when you look at them you know they're worth it and they've had alot of effort put into them.

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