the dog days are over

Second post of the night, you lucky lot! This is kinda an apology for my last post aswell, I know I didn't do my usual little paragraph about each 'want', but its mothers day and all and I didn't have much time on my hands. There's no pictures to go with this post so sorry about that, I would give you all a picture of my face or something hah, but I"m on my phone so that's also my excuse for any typos and the fact that the writing isn't centered as normally, I'll look back at this post and it will really, really bug me. Anyways back to the point of this ramble-y post, I was wondering if there's anything you guys want to see, or see more of on here? I know I haven't done any outfit posts in waaay too long, but that'll change very soon I promise. I'm quite stressed out at the moment with poland coming up next monday, and I have a party on friday night. So party + plane + only 2 days to recover = uuurggh. So yeah, if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck on 9 followers and I don't seem to be getting comments and stuff lately, so I'm concerned to say the least! Anyway I'll let you get away now, I'm sure I've bored you all senseless. No fancy dancy 'emily' either since I'm on the blackberry, so I'll just leave you with an awkward silence. Urmm, bye.

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