weekly wants #010


yay for wants number ten! we're in double digits now baby. or should i say yayer.. wow that was completely unplanned and ever so slightly cool. hah. i've being eyeing up some stuff from yayer ever since lily mentioned her cardi was from there, which was a while ago. i've never talked about it because i always forget, so i thought i'd dedicate this post to them. here's a few outfits i want..
001. i love this shirt, it's cheaper than topshop but i actually think it looks nicer. would wear it with my new hotpants or a bodycon skirt, might even wear it with skinny jeans! will have to buy this when i get some monaaay.

002. i looove fringed tops at the moment, if any of you saw sammi's video on how to make your own then you'll know why. they're so adorable, but an edgier adorable!

003. i'm a sucker for leather shorts, although i'm not lucky enough to own any of my own. i've seen some in primark but not in my size, will have to go back at some point and mooch around for an 8. also i adore this tee! it's so cute with the pastel florals, yet a bit boyish because of the cut.

004. now for a playsuit.. i've never owned one and i'm not sure if i ever will.. okay major exaggeration of couse i will. just not too sure if they would suit me though haha, this one is so pretty though, and really elegant.

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