dearest enemy, you should have never trusted me

eww look at ma nails.

what's this you see, an outfit post?! i promise your not dreaming. i got round to taking some photo's! this is what i wore to town yesterday, new hotpants, old superdry tee, not old or new primark tights, and new topshop ring. oh and my trusty soul cal cardi, which i got brand new from a charity shop for £6, then saw it in republic a week later for £20. so haps.

not sure why the pics are coming out looking edited, i promise they're not but i'm using an old crappy camera because my charger is still no where to be seen. humph. i'm just about to make a post of a couple of bits and bobs i got yesterday, there's only 4 things and they're really not intersting hah, but it's another post right? every little helps n all.

like my little crafty 'i'm not gone show ma hurr or ma face coz i luk well ruff' cropping? lolol you shall never see what i truly look like, unless one day i'm crazy enough to show you. which i definately maybe might be. 

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