a kiss with a fist is better than none

a couple of tee's i picked up yesterday, one from primark and the other from zara. they're both in the 'polaroid' kind of style, with photographs on them. i love these kind of t-shirts, i find them a bit retro and edgy. my kind of style. speaking of which, the second one is a photo of a girl on a beach and it says 'my style', and the first is a load of photo's a girl and boy and it says 'these days something must break'. you won't really be able to tell much detail because the photo's are so blurry (hello crap camera), but i have on my new hotpants and some primark bow tights. since it's still only spring here i would wear a light cardigan with these outfits, but when summer finally arrives i can't wait to go out like this! eeeek i love sun. i wore the hotpants and tights yesterday, with a superdry tee, you can see that outfit here. that's it, just wanted to show you a way i would style a t-shirt. hope you enjoyed, 

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  1. both really pretty, and I can't tell which one is primark and which is zara xx



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