weekly wants #011


001. this ring is so unique and different, i think it's amazing. i haven't seen anything similar to it, and i can definately see myself wearing it.

002. i bought my first 'knuckle duster' ring the other day, and i thought it was going to be really uncomfortable. but i was pleasantly surprised, and actually i could still move my fingers! now i really want to get a couple, i think they look really cool.

003. ahhh american hotpants. i've been lusting after a pair for god knows how long and i've tried everywhere, they're going for about £60 on ebay! phew. these one's are from topshop and are £32, still expensive but a bit more reasonable..

004. i'm obssessed with moccasins lately, i've been wearing mine constantly and i could do with really want another pair. these studded one's are quite grungy and edgy, just what i'm after. 

005. fitting in with grungy and edgy, i love a bit of denim. i'm wearing my hotpants so much now the weather is improving and i love to double-denim, so this shirt would be perfect!

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