ways to wear: fringed tops

the first post of a regular feature i'm going to introduce on my blog, how to wear. i'm gonna show you how i would style up different key peices, hopefully it will help a few of you. it might even help me too, i'm constantly having the issue of an overcrowded wardrobe, where nothing goes with anything! this week i'm starting with fringed tops, they're really 'in' at the moment and they can be quite confusing to style up. so here's how i would do it..

this top is from topshop, the print is really unique so you'll definately get noticed wearing this. since the sun is finally showing its beautiful face i've paired it with hotpants, these american flag one's are so cool! they're distressed on the pockets aswell so they bring a grungy feel to the outfit. i chose espadrilles because they're so comfortable and cheap. these simple black one's are only £6.99 from new look and they would go with everything, perfect for those spending bans! lastly i chose these quirky tights, just incase the weather isn't hot enough to go bare legs, or if you don't feel confident doing so. they've got a really cool pattern that completes the outfit.

so that's it for this week, please comment below what you think of the outfit, and if you would like this to be a regular thing. i'm really interested in what you guys think.

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