tell me now where was my fault

i'm going to start branching out with what i post on my blog, obviously at the moment it's quite boring. just weekly wants and an outfit post here and there, so to spice things up a bit i'm going to bring some beauty into it. i'll be reviewing products, starting with the no7 hot cloth cleanser, and i'll see how it goes from there. if you have any ideas or requests of things you want to see on here, please comment below it would be really helpful.

 obviously i'm going to continue with outfit posts as this is a 'fashion blog' but i'm trying to reach out to a few more people, not just fashion lovers, if you know what i mean? i also feel like although i love fashion, i have alot of make up and beauty products that i'd like to share. i'm thinking if i can show you some of my cosmetics as apposed to just my clothes it might not feel as if they're going to waste as much. anyway on with the point of this post haha, i'm way too good at rambling. 

this is what i wore yesterday, i'm on easter break so it was a pretty laid back day. i walked the dog and watched youtube videos, that's pretty much it. 

yes, im in the hotpants again.. but i'm really bored of my bodycon skirt and it would be a crime to wear trousers in this weather, so what's a girl to do? also i think this is only the first or second time i've worn this top, it's the one i snatched up in the new look sale. my dad doesn't like the collar hah, but i like it and that's all that matters right? i'm wearing my new prayer beads aswell, i picked them up for around £6 in poland and i love them so much, they're not actually real prayer beads apparently but that suits me.

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