picture heavy, but you love it

thought i'd show you some currents faves from my we heart it account, here you go you lovely bunch! ooh and i put mini explanations at the bottom of each photo, thought it might be fun. turned out to be my life story! enjoy.

because i love titanic.
because i wish i owned louboutins.
because i love her sunnies.
because i want her hair...
or hers...
or hers.
because deep down, i just wanna be fresh
because i need this post it note, and i need to listen to it.
beacause.. just because!
because people change. and it makes me feel like...
and it makes me wanna say..

and drop dead!
but then i think of cute guys..

or strawberrys and nutella..
and i listen to paramore!
or taylor..
or maybe sometimes alex and jack.. or not.
or i'll watch gossip girl.
i'll go all anti-social on you..
i might even go abit crazy. and i'll think, oh my god!..
D:   but then i'll think, HEY! it's okay..
cos your going to see mayday parade..
and maybe someday you'll get those shoes..    and i'll remind myself..
and it'll make me feel..
just a little something to keep you mildly entertained, these are actually all from my we heart it account, and i had no intention of making them into a story.. guess it just worked out that way. have a lovely evening all,

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