weekly wants #008

firstly, i'm so sorry that this only came to you today.. i've had alot on my mind. secondly, there's not much interesting things this week, but i'm off to poland in 13 days so practicality is what i'm going for, and comfort.


001. i told you i wanted it, i wasn't lying.. most awesome t-shirt ever? i think so. looks like a memorial though haha, and since dr. dre isn't dead, that could be a bit weird.

002. i think this bracelet's really cute, and perfect for summer. really simple, really cute, really cheap.

003. again with this necklace, it'll be perfect in the summer. it's also pretty cheap, bonus!

004 & 005. i have a major thing with jumpers, they keep you warm, they're really comfy and sometimes they can even look nice! these ones from h&m would be perfect for lounging around the hotel, or on that horrible plane jouney.

006. your probably wondering why i have a quote on my wishlist, but your gonna think i'm crazy if i tell you haha. ohh what the hell! i want a tatoo.. obviously not right now, i'm only 13 and that would be discusting.. but when i'm old enough and i still want it, i'll probably get this tattooed on my right foot, down the side. the quote 'this too shall pass' has alot of different meanings to people and is a very popular quote, but to me it means that every materialistic thing that now seems important to me, will one day be completely irrelevant. and all the fussing and fighting that went down so i could have it, will turn out to be a waste of perfect happiness. i want it on my foot so when i'm going to buy those shoes that i've convinced myself i need, i'll realise that actually, i don't.

007. i thought this top was so cute and simple, again from h&m. and again pretty cheap! haha, see a paterm forming?

008. i know Jen has this ring, and i think it's adorable.

009. i've seen jumpers like this in places like zara and topshop before that were priced much higher, this one is still really nice and it's no where near as expensive.

sorry this week was completely messed up, hopefully i'll be back to normal tomorrow. have a good week!

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