la vie est belle

i'm so crap i still haven't got round to taking some outfit photo's, and i can't find my camera charger.. but i shall try and get some done today. i'm also aware that i haven't done my weekly wants this week, but you'll never believe it.. i actually can't find anything i want!

i'm mainly thinking about getting some jewellery in to start selling through my blog, like lily, so that's what i'm concentrating on spending my money on. and the dr dre t-shirt i saw in primark for £8 yesterday, yes it would be wrong, and yet so right.

i also did the most amazing nails yesterday, that lasted a whole 4 hours. i got a semi-decent photo of them though so here they are..

okay so they're not that amazing.. but i was proud! 

 i'll leave it there for now, i'm just typing up my (very late) weekly wants.. 

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