i'm never letting this go, i'm stuck on you

this is possibly the hardest top to photograph. i didn't realise hot pink was so difficult! i picked it up yesterday in the new look sale for £7 reduced from £21.99, i was so happy! there was so many there in all different sizes, so if anyone's interested your local new look might have some. it looked like they didn't sell very well and they're making room for new stock. they also had a really nice blouse in there for £15, which i still thought was a bit steep, but i did see some grey cable knit leggings that i wanted which were also £7, i resisted though since i'm supposed to be saving..

i tried to show you a couple of ways you could style a top like this, i didn't have much time so i only chose skinny jeans and a skirt, but you could wear this in others ways too, it's a really nice staple piece. i've got a couple of 'gatherings' coming up so i think i'll be sporting this to one of them. 

whilst i was in town i also popped into superdrug and boots so i might do a little haul, not sure though since it's not exactly fashion related, would anyone be interested? i picked up the biore pore strips i was talking about so who knows, i might review them. has anyone tried them before?

i'm so gutted it's sunday already, i have heaps of work to get done, books to read and essays to write. eeurgh i can't be bothered! i also have to tidy my room, which will not be fun. that's what you get for having a lazy weekend though i suppose, it's bound to catch up on me sometime.

have a lovely end to your weekend,


  1. Great blog! Come follow mine just starting! Xxx

  2. Love the top <3
    I'd probably wear it with the skirt



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