underneath the mulberry tree

if you saw the title and were expecting to see a real alexa, you will be dissapointed. this however, is camden market's answer for the £700 beauty. you might know that me and my friend gemma went to camden last sunday, it was my first time and i wasn't dissapointed. there were so many bargains i wanted to buy everything, apart from the dodgy jelly bead things, if you've been you might know what i'm rambling on about. before i go into detail about the bag i just want to say another massive thank you, only a few days ago i was stuck on 9 followers, now i'm suddenly on 19. i promise my giveaway is coming very soon, i just need to think of a prize, sorry but it wont be anything big like mac as i currently cant even afford that for myself, but i'll still make it worthwhile for y'all.

first i'll start with the pricing, i bought it from a little stall so obviously i haggled a bit. it was originally £28 which i thought was a bit steep for a bag from a market, but i managed to get it down to £20 and some loose change, and nearly a bus ticket haha. i still wasnt completely happy with how much it set me back but as soon as i started using it i knew it was worth it.

the quality is surprisingly good, so far no stitching has come loose and i haven't had any broken zips, i've been stuffing it with school books everyday and so far it's held up so i'm pretty pleased. it does feel a bit plasticy, but at the end of the day it is a bit plasticy, so i'll get over that. the colour is an orangey tan, but not too orange..

overall i'll give it 8/10, for my first perchase from camden i'm very happy :) what have you bought from camden?


  1. gorgeous bag love it the colour is just fab and would go with almost anything :) x




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