i guess this needs no title

it's been a while! well only since saturday i suppose but compared to my normal short lived marathon blogging phases (corrr bit of a mouthful?!) i have been a bit mia, sorrehhh. i'm afraid no pictures today as i'm on my dad's computer and therefore have none to give to you, but i inserted one from my we heart it account as it made me lol. also i shall be back soon with a follow up to my 'how to wear' series thingy majiggy (i say this far to often and yet have no clue how to spell it, #imafail) and hopefully a few outfit posts! i have some photo's saved on my my shindling (this is my laptop, i named it shindling, dont judge me) that my gorgeous friend gemma took a while back when we came back from camden. please go and follow her, she's really really lovely and she needs more followers! link is hurrr. i'm with friends quite a bit this weekend so no garantee that they'll get to you within the next few days, but i promise i shall try. 

ooh and waterloo road was amazing this week! was really really REEEALLY sort of hoping to see jonah again but nope, it seems he has higher hopes in life. and just 3 more tiny little things, it's my birthday in 1 month and 10 days! eeeeek. it's also 25 days 'till i see mayday parade (eeeek) and i'm going to see the midnight beast in august! ohellyuh. i shall round off this ramble now as i dont want to bore you all senseless, but keep your eyes peeled for my posts this weekend/week and i hope your all enjoying the kinda nice but pretty average weather!

should probably stop using that phrase then.. 


  1. I was gutted at the lack of Jonah in Waterloo Rd too!

  2. i lovee youu babe! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. @daisychain i know, what a dissapointment!
    @gemma i love you too ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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