mini haul

this is the outcome of my swindon trip a few weeks back, i didn't buy masses but i got a few bargains.

rust hotpants - topshop - £26
i've been eyeing these up for a while, i thought they'd go perfectly with the blouses and they're a good staple item to have for summer.

blouses - primark - £6 each
i found these in primark and was quite surprised, they're really similar to the classic topshop one's but a third of the price. these were the only two i found but i'm going to keep an eye out for any other designs. i'm also on a hunt for this top from primark that lily's wearing. they've really upped their game recently! you can see me wearing the black blouse here.

headband - primark - £2
i saw this a while back in primark and was interested in it, i wasnt sure if it would suit me or not but with festival season well and truly here and the boho look reaccuring every year, i thought for £2 i couldn't go wrong. apparently i could, since it broke within an hour of me owning it! unfortunately by that point i was already home and getting ready for my party, so i'm going to have to return it on my next trip to my local primark.

cyclax moisturiser and exfoliator - £1 each
i've had a tub of this moisturiser before and absolutely loved it. it's 300ml so it lasted me a while but i was gutted when it ran out as the only place i know that stocks it is bodycare, which as far as im aware is only in swindon, please leave a comment if im wrong! its aloe vera so great for preserving a tan or just for healthy, moisturised skin in general. i'd never tried the exfoliator before so since the moisturiser is a holy grail product for me, and its only a pound, i went for it. i wasnt overjoyed with it but its a nice product nevertheless and the lavender smell is amazing! i use it with exfoliating gloves for a better effect.

necklace - primark - £2.50
i've been eyeing this up as well so grabbed it when i was in swindon, its a beautiful piece in the shape of a dream catcher, so on trend and great for summer.

st. moriz fake tan - bodycare - £2.99 a bottle
this deserves a post of its own, so there will be one coming soon!


  1. love those shorts and the white floral top!
    great buys x

  2. The blouses are so pretty! I love floral prints. great haul x

  3. I love the exfloiators. The apricot scent is my favourite. :)

  4. Love the Primark shirts :-) x

  5. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)



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