DIY Giles EEK inspired nails

i watched megan's tutorial on these nails a few months ago and decided to re-create them. she's now either privated or deleted the video so unfortunately i cant link you but they were inspired by this sophy robson one. they're obviously not perfect but for a first attempt i didnt think they turned out too badly! if you want to try them the tutorial is really simple to follow, especially for someone like me who's useless with things like nail art. tweet me a picture if you re-create them :)

start with a solid base colour of your choice. pretty much anything will work except black or white.

 using a white nail polish or nail art pen, draw two dots at the top of the nail by the cuticles.

next use either a bobby pin dipped in black polish, a tooth pick or a nail art pen, anything you find easiest to get a precise dot with, and draw two small dots inside the white ones.

add your favourite top coat and your done, it's that simple:)

p.s sorry i've been a bit MIA recently, i've been ill but i should be posting regularly for now on!


  1. Omg, So cool !!!

    I loved your blog =)*


  2. These are so cute! :)




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