weekly wants #007


i'm thinking of re-naming this my 'weekly wants but definately can't have post', seeing as i managed to find some of the most expensive things on my wishlist and put them all into one post. they're all lovely though, so i can dream.

001. found this on asos when i was looking through the new in stuff, it's £55 so not sure if it's worth it, but i really want a 'daily' necklace if you know what i mean, a cute one that i wear everyday and it becomes my 'thing'. any ideas?

002. i've wanted one of these bracelets for god knows how long, everytime i walk past pandora in town i stop and stare. i know the original silver charm bracelets are the most popular but i like how this one is a bit different, and a bit edgier.

003. another thing i've wanted for a while, i know fleur has one of these and the colour is perfect for her, i'm contemplating between the white and the blue. i really want the blue one but it wouldn't go with much?

004. i've been meaning to try out liz earle products for a while, especially the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser. i was browsing her website and noticed this set; 2x cleanse and polish, instant boost skin tonic, your choice of skin repair moisturiser, 2 muslin cloths and a pretty wash bag. all for £41! it's such a good deal, will definately be on my birthday list.

005. these earrings are so simple and cute, they're perfect for everyday. obviously they're expensive seeing as they're tiffanys, but i think they'd be a great investment.

what are your wants this week?


  1. That ASOS necklace is adorable! Shame it's so expensive :( x

  2. i know, would be perfect if it was a little cheaper! x



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