monday musings 01

im back from portugal! we flew back on saturday evening and if you follow me on twitter you'll know i was very depressed waking up in england, i miss it so much and wish i could fly back out there right now. the picture above is me in vila moura, a very posh harbour with very good chips.
♥ im currently obsessed with reading, probably because i always read so much on holiday. i bought the ps i love you book today for £2.50 in a charity shop, its my favourite film but i've never read the book. what did you think of it if you've read it?
♥ i'm going to ikea on friday and im literally SO exited. i havent been in years and im ready to spend all my money on cheap tacky amazing ikea crap. whoooo
♥ i finally got a skincare routine. sounds so stupid but my skin has been awful and i really needed to stop being so lazy and sort myself out a routine, if anyone wants a post about it then comment below and i'll be happy to do one. its featuring a few of my new la roche posay products.
♥ im really enjoying english weather, i think being out of the country in a hot place has made me really appreciate true british weather. winter has always been my favourite season. i love layering clothes, lying in bed with a cup of tea, wearing cosy socks and hot water bottles. so even though england is a bit sunnier than normal, its nice to be back!

what are your thoughts this monday?

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