mac peaches

peaches is the first mac blush i own, and i absolutely love it. it's a subtle peachy orange color but since it's a sheertone, it doesn't make you look like a clown. i was a bit confused as to what color to go for, i wanted something i could wear everyday and get a lot of use out of, but also something a bit different. i thought i was going to have to use a really light hand with this after reading reviews of other mac blushes, but it actually took a lot of product to built up a decent swatch on my hand, so it'll be perfect for getting ready for school in a rush. not really sure what else i can say about this, it's a beautiful colour that i think will look great on a lot of skintones. i hope to be extending my mac blush collection in the near future!


  1. oh i love mac! the products are just over the top.

    love, lola

  2. this looks to be such a lovely colour :) x



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